Monthly Article.

I am closing down this site in a couple of weeks or so.

I truly hope you have enjoyed the articles I have written (and my book!).


An e-copy of my book will still be available on Amazon and Kobo.


I truly thank all those who have followed me for over six years.

Thank you!

And with that, I send blessing to all of you.
​Love, Oneness ... Always, Martin.


Artwork by Kenneth A. Rogerson, one of a series of twenty one pieces entitled "Creation of God" a sequential series.


Each month I will add a new article, statement or video discussing a different aspect of spirituality and Oneness. I look forward to your comments on each. Please stop by every month (usually). I hope what I provide will help you gain some insights into who you are and help you become who you desire to be. And, as always - my thanks for your interest!

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