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My name is Martin Neil Campbell and I am an author, spiritual teacher, radio show host, public speaker and business executive. I have been exploring my individual spirituality since I was a child but have not done this alone. I wish to acknowledge my many spiritual teachers, who have opened my eyes to remarkable understandings. If you are disillusioned by our religious, governmental and corporate authorities, you are not alone. When I was younger I looked up to these institutions but have come to understand they just wanted to control who I was and hold me back from who I am and my potential. I was misdirected into accept stories that told me I was far less than who I am. Far less than We Are. The insights gained drove me to write a book, magazine articles and establish a radio program. As I continue to grow and gain insights on life, I always move full circle and arrive back at the same core beliefs - personal freedom, joy and abundance can be attained by any of us when we access the power we have within. I have discovered this can be accomplished through implementing what I call our five "Core Drivers". 

Know that you were not born into this life to be in continual struggle - but you have been taught to struggle with practically everything. Those struggles are difficult, yet you still hope and strive for a dream you know can be real. A dream full of life’s abundance and little stress. So, how do you manifest your desires? That has always been one of our biggest questions. Imagine being able to tap into and release amazing natural energies. I can help you change your path in life and share with you my energetic foundation for obtaining love, joy, unity, understanding and freedom!

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