Published by Core Driver Press, Toronto.

Discover today how my book "Receiving the Gift we Give" will benefit your life - and ordering it could not be easier...

Unfortunately there are no hard cover books left (pictured on the left),  as they are out of stock - but it is available as an e-book purchase. Just click on one of the tabs bellow to order your copy. Thanks!




I thank you for having the courage to final move yourself more towards being who you wish to be! 


What a literary critic had to say about my book...


"His explorations of human potential might be inspired by God, but they don’t require one. A stirring, revelatory program for rethinking and reorganizing your life." Kirkus Reviews


​Personal testimonials...


"… your book has had a profound effect on me. I've noticed over the last week a new-found sense of joy and ease with which I am facing life -- not that I wasn't already doing that. But somehow this has been solidified and empowered. I'm much more conscious of it, rather than just stepping through each day. I'm loving this!"  

D.H., Canada


"I liked it very much and believe it is urgent that your message needs to be published. It certainly needs a broad audience to create maximum impact. (LOL, I’d recommend it for the best seller list.) Nice work."

J.L. (Editor), USA


"Most powerful high vibrating book I have ever experienced! No joke! I didn't have to read but a couple pages to know and be aware of that. Your every word is sacred. One really must allow themselves to receive the words of the TRUTH aka God when they read this book. Which is allowing one's soul to be the I am that they are while reading. YES!"

Hayley M., USA"



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