"Show your love authentically, openly and completely, and let your light shine upon the World."

Being Your Sovereign Self.

This site has been entitled "Receiving the Gift we Give" as this is a consistent theme running through all aspects of being a Sovereign Self. Ultimately, there is one unvarying gift and power - Love.


Love is the ultimate power of creation and the Universe. No matter what the problem, issue or conflict, you will invariably encounter a lack of love at its center. Whether this lack of love is being revealed through people's discrimination, greed, anger, resentment, revenge, a need to control, or a lack of self esteem - love is missing. By definition, becoming your Sovereign Self brings you back to your center of love. It redefines who you are being.


My novel "Receiving the gift we give" presents you with solutions for redefining who you desire to be, freeing you to embrace being your Sovereign Self.

It is my passion in life to aid you in discovering the remarkable abilities you have hidden within you. Now is the time to surrender to your Higher Self.


Martin Neil Campbell


Artwork by Kenneth A. Rogerson, one of a series of twenty one pieces entitled "Creation of God" a sequential series.


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